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Please find below useful links, national frameworks and operational documents relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Useful links

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Specialised Pharmacy Services - Access to medicines information resources by pharmacy teams during COVID-19

SPS have bought together information resources to support pharmacy teams to access medicines advice. Sections include All Pharmacy Teams, Hospital Pharmacy Teams and Pharmacy Teams working in General Practice (across England) and NHS 111.

13 May 2020
Specialised Pharmacy Services - COVID-19 Medicines Summaries

This SPS page contains resources and short summaries for a number of different topics for primary and secondary care including diabetes, cancer, palliative and end of life care, neurological disorders, haematological disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, allergy and immunology, cardiovascular, wounds and injuries, renal and urologic and infection and infectious diseases.

13 May 2020
Government guidance for health professionals

Information on COVID-19, including guidance on assessment and management of suspected UK cases

13 May 2020
Government guidance for the public

Guidance and support for the public on COVID-19

13 May 2020
NHSE/NHSI - After-care needs of inpatients recovering from COVID-19

This guidance supports primary care and community health services to meet the immediate and longer-term care needs of patients discharged following an acute episode of COVID-19, by describing the typical expected health care needs of these patients, post discharge

29 June 2020

National frameworks

Publication                                  Summary 
Overview of NICE rapid guidelines and summaries

List of all available NICE rapid guidelines, evidence summaries, and Medtech innovation briefings

31 March 2020
NHS England and NHS Improvement - Coronavirus guidance for clinicians and NHS managers - General practice

Includes updates and guidance on the emerging COVID-19 situation, Standard Operating Procedures, at risk patients (management and shielding) and staff considering returning to the NHS

31 March 2020

Public Heath England - guidance for healthcare professionals and other organisations

This site hosts guidance about coronavirus (COVID-19) for health professionals and other organisations including for the public, non clinical settings, health professionals, infection prevention, control, sampling and diagnostics.  
31 March 2020
NHS Volunteer responders information for health professionals

The volunteer initiative is being delivered by NHS England and NHS Improvement in partnership with Royal Voluntary Service. NHS Volunteer Responders have been mobilised to help support vulnerable individuals who are self isolating. Priority will be given to those identified as most risk from COVID-19 and asked to self-isolate at home for an extended period, and those who health practitioners and local authorities consider to be vulnerable.  

31 March 2020

Operational documents

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Government guidance: Apply for a coronavirus test

Government guidance on how to apply for a coronavirus test if you are an essential worker

12 May 2020
Public Health England - Recommendation on personal protective equipment (PPE) Recommendation on PPE for primary, outpatient, community and social care by setting, NHS and independent sector

08 April 2020


NHS England & NHS Improvement - Managing coronavirus (COVID-19) in general practice (SOP) 

This document sets out general principles for the delivery of services 06 April 2020

NHS England & NHS Improvement - Coronavirus Act - excess death provisions: information and guidance for medical practitioners

Guidance and information on death certification and cremation forms for medical practitioners

06 April 2020

COVID-19 Helping practice staff make the most of digital services

 Resource to help GP practices establish total triage 09 April 2020
DDCCG Homeless patient registration primary care access during COVID-19

Derby and Derbyshire CCG will facilitate a service to support clinical decision-making during the COVID-19 pandemic for the homeless population who have been placed in designated hotels in the Derby City and Derbyshire County area. The aim is to manage homeless patients remotely whilst they are living at designated hotels. This supports reducing direct patient contact and thereby infection risk, and unnecessary hospital admission.

13 May 2020
Primary care pharmacy during the COVID-19 pandemic

Produced by Primary Care Pharmacy Association and Pharmaceutical Advisors Group, this document details potential roles and responsibilities of pharmacy professionals in primary care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

13 May 2020

PrescQIPP - Managing medicines for adults receiving social care in the community e-learning resources

Domiciliary care e-learning courses are now available to staff in our organisation 21 May 2020
PrescQIPP - Practice medicines co-ordinators (PMC)

The CPD certified practice medicines co-ordinators (PMC) e-learning course is designed for non-clinical staff in GP practices that manage the repeat prescribing process

21 May 2020
Prioritisation for Long Term Condition reviews in Derbyshire (including asthma, COPD, diabetes, CVD and mental health) 

A pragmatic guide to prioritisation of workload in primary care where there is a backlog of reviews which could not be done during the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidance states which category of patients are high, medium or low priority and when they will need to be reviewed by.

10 June 2020
COVID-19 Clinical Guidance

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society COVID-19 clinical guidance for primary care, secondary care, critical care, infection, prevention and control and AMS

29 June 2020
Your COVID recovery

The new 'Your COVID recovery' service forms part of the NHS plans to expand access to COVID-19 rehabilitation treatments for those who have survived the virus but still have problems with breathing, mental health problems or other complications.

This guidance is aimed at clinicians who are consulting remotely with patients through a digital channel (e.g. online, email, text, video-link) across healthcare settings in England.

The principals described in the guidance aim to support patients to access care in a way that meets their needs and to support clinicians to provide care in a way that is in the best interest of their patients, whilst protecting both from the risks associated with remote intimate assessments.

14 July 2020